According to Glassdoor, the average salary of Angular developers is $90,196. It may vary from country to country, but what is certain, is that learning Angular nowadays can guarantee you a decent financial life. We are already in 2022, and I think it will be a good motivation to acquire new knowledge and skills.

So why you should learn Angular? Why Angular specifically? and how to start it?

Please keep reading to get the answers to the previous questions.

Why you should learn Angular? Everything you need to know

Big Companies use Angular

Angular is a powerful Frontend framework. It is until now supported by Google, that’s why many big tech companies are using and migrating to Angular. It affords a high level of stability, extensibility, and flexibility.

As examples of companies operating Angular we can find :

  • Google itself (many google products like Google Voice, Firebase and other …)
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Office Home, Xbox)
  • Forbes

There are also many other companies using AngularJs (version 1 of Angular ), we can enumerate:

  • MasterCard
  • U.S Bank
  • Colgate
  • Paypal Community
  • Overleaf

To find more, you can visit Madewithangular.

We will discover, then in the next paragraph, why many people and enterprises prefer Angular over other web Frameworks.

What makes Angular a better choice?

In this section, we will focus on the significant advantages of Angular. Firstly, and as described in the previous paragraph, the large community and the support from Google are the most robust assets of Angular’s fame. We will cover furthermore other reasons to choose Angular.

Let us take a look now at those big advantages :


Typescript is a new trendy programming language based on javascript. It will, therefore, use its types (primitives and interfaces) and add some new magic value through improved navigation, refactoring, and auto-completion services.

Code Consistency and Easy Testing

To avoid millions of code lines, Angular introduced the concept of Components. It’s a set of 4 files generated by CLI and ensures several benefits like the reusability of the components across the project. It provides also the good Readability of the code. Finally, it facilitates the maintenance of the project.

Learning Angular VS Learning other frontend Frameworks

When talking about frontend Frameworks, we will, of course, take React and VueJS as examples. They are considered as big competitors for Angular.

  • Job opportunities : always Angular and React are leading every research in the big jobs websites
  • Large projects support : Angular is awlays number one.

New hot Features

  • IVY Rendering : it decreases the build time and size of the project.
  • Improvements in Tests : we can expect faster and performant test now
  • Web workers : it helps to perform complex calculations and tasks

Best Resources to learn Angular

This is the first article in our blog, and We hope that it was funny and full of rich information. To finish, we will add some good resources to begin learning Angular. Stay Tuned and wait for our full Angular Tutorial.