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Who are we ?

We are a group of software engineers who like to share and exchange knowledge.

Our Main Content

Web Development

As we are passionate about web development, we will try to post many articles and tutorials using multiple frameworks and programming languages. We will try to choose the most demanded technologies and we will respond to the common questions and problems.


Like everyone who tries to improve his skills and to learn new things, Developers nowadays are facing many problems trying to maximize their efforts and to be more and more productive. We will publish frequently some tricks and tips that, through our experience, will help anyone especially developers to build strategies and habits that it will help him be productive.

Technologies News

Technology is exploding every day. As new Tech lovers, we will cover the important newest announcements, reports, and others. We will accept our reader’s topics suggestions.

Our Goal 

We will try to talk in different subjects differently. We hope that we will add some new values to the content already existing in the internet. We will learn together, we will search for new informations and to publish it in funny, well structured way.

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